Who we are.

Psykrom has an established reputation as a leading industrial psychology and organizational development provider. Our highly innovative 'perception altering services' range from value realignment counselling and trauma response to market segmentation, audience development, organization intensive leadership and culture transformation programs. At Psykrom, we are all about Excelling People and Excelling Organisations.

What we do.

We employ a potent mix of psychological, ritual, ludic and subliminal persuasion techniques to help your business find and develop new customers, staff, markets and opportunities Our distinct offerings and patented psychical approaches are both practical, and proven, and have provided new business opportunities for several fortune 500 listed companies. Today, we are retained as an ongoing service provider for multiple government agencies and transnational conglomerates.

How we work for you.

Following a preliminary consultation, we will co-author with you a integrated program to suit your specific needs and desires. Our highly proven services guarantee results!